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AutoCrit Was Built to Make You a Brilliant Writer. Write Better. Right Now.

AutoCrit began humbly as the brainchild of an unpublished writer with dreams of becoming an author. She faced a common problem: how could she get expert, unbiased feedback on her writing without breaking the bank? Writers’ groups, critique partners, and other beta readers weren’t at the expert level, and friends and family weren’t unbiased. Getting feedback took time, and the quality of the feedback was hit-or-miss. Hiring a professional editor was an expensive investment, especially for early, unpolished drafts.

Getting feedback on your writing took time, and the quality of the feedback was hit-or-miss.

She solved her problem with technology by developing the first iteration of AutoCrit, an online tool to help you self-edit your work guided by the biggest writing rules in fiction.

But that was only the beginning.

AutoCrit has evolved significantly over the years and is now an online home for authors at every stage of the writing journey. You can plan, write, analyze and edit in AutoCrit. Learn, connect, and get expert feedback – all in one place. And the best part? Everything we do is grounded in our deep research of best-selling books, our extensive network in the author community, and our passion to bring a feeling of family to our members.

In everything we do—whether it’s related to our software, content, community, hands-on feedback or customer service—we hold true to the mission that started it all:

“Empower writers with the knowledge connections, and tools” to improve their writing skills, polish their manuscripts, and succeed as authors!”

It is our sincere hope that you feel like family as a member of AutoCrit. We will do everything we can to help you get your stories out into the world and want to be there to help you celebrate success!

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