Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers  2012
By Norma J. Gardner

Michael Rogers will always be missed by anyone who was lucky enough to have crossed paths with him. He was that special person who instantly made you feel comfortable, and that feeling never changed no matter how many years you knew him. We’ve heard from many CIWA members who still have not been able to grasp he is no longer around. One member said she could not attend meetings because he was always there and she could not bear seeing the chair empty without him. It will take me time, she said. On this web page we will be sharing some of Michael writings. He was a thinker and he went deep when he began to write about something. He carefully placed words on paper that were meaningful. His writing was thought-provoking to anyone who read it.

Michael gave me a book that he had published in 1997 titled Legacies. It was a book full of letters written by his family members dating back to September 1843, and also contained stories and poetry written by Michael. His book was bound together to make an unforgettable memory for his remaining family. We feel a void in our writers’ group without his presence, and I speak for all CIWA members when I say, we are richer because we had the opportunity to know him.