40 yrs. History

Through the Years – 1987-1989

By Robin Waldron

As we move through the years, we learn a lot about the CIWA members, the programs, and their growth. Forty years is a lot to cover so this month we’ll take a look-see at what was going on the organization in 1987-89.

In 1987, Judy Keene, CIWA President, resigns to accept the position of Editor at the Indianapolis Women’s Magazine. Of course, CIWA members and friends wished her well in her new endeavor.

Others being recognized as being on the move with their writing was Charlene Faris, Jean Flora Glick,Don McKinney, and Han Nuwer. They had all published articles that month in various publications such as Ball Stat University’s Phoenix, IndiananapolisWomen, Christian Singles, Modern Maturity, Living with Teenagers, and Pillow Talk.

Award winning photographers, Norma Gardner and Marcia Walker, gave a presentation on how to sell photography. Mentioning just a couple of Norma’s sales at that time included a nursing home for cataloging their residents and the March of Dimes Walk-Thon.

In 1988, CIWA conducted a study on Indiana authors and sent out a call for volunteers to choose an Indiana author, study that author, then share with the club their findings. The purpose of the program was to encourage and develop research skills.

One outstanding feature in the January newsletter, which continued throughout the year was a listing on “Market News,” where several markets looking for writers was highlighted with contact information and brief guidelines.

In March 1988, the newsletter published a list of Indiana authors encouraging their program of volunteers to research Indiana artists.

Also, in March, CIWA held a mini-conference at the University of Indianapolis. Additionally, November was slated to offer “A Saturday Made for Writing.”

The entire year had a full line-up of guest speakers, conferences, and members getting published—some for the first time.

1989 rang in a whole new year of promises being fulfilled by the CIWA officers and newly elected Board. A newly elected Board made up of Trinidad Fredricks, Norma Gardner, and Cheryl Denk was charged with preparing new bylaws to be presented and voted on at the February meeting.

It was announced in July of that year the newly elected President of CIWA, Karen Guntly, would need to resign as president due to her husband’s job move. It is noted that Karen would be sorely missed, the membership understood the circumstances.

At this point, Vice President, Sam Pugh, was voted in to replace Karen. Jerry Sargent, Editor of the Southside Times community newspaper, was elected as Vice President to replace Sam.

As you can see, these three years in CIWA’s history were productive times for the group. They planned their work and worked their plan.

Stay tuned as I continue through the years of this great writers’ organization proving over and over to be the best writers’ resource group in Indiana.

So, there you have it. Is our mission today in line with the founding people of three decades ago? People just like you and me each wanting to learn all we can about writing and to see our name in print. I like to think we are on the same page with them, but maybe we should look harder at how we are helping our members and guests to get published. Let’s take a lesson from those who came before us and go back to basics in 2017.

CIWA is a writer’s resource. Join us every third Monday of each month at the Greenwood Public Library at 6:30-8:00 p.m. and share the knowledge and comradery of fellow writers.